On my desk now

I'm currently working on a thriller set along the Deschutes River in Central Oregon. 

These are photos of my setting and how I immerse myself into my story so I can write it---and how my children happily come along with me. 

I have researched my setting from land, river, dive bar, hotel, cabin, tent, and air. If they had passenger trains on the tracks, I would love to do that too! 


In the Wings

While writing this historical fiction novel, which is set in Southern California from 1926-1929, I learned all about the citrus industry and early aviation. I even got to learn how to fly a bit. I flew in a stick and rudder plane as well as in an old Ford Trimotor. 


I have been working on this novel for the past five years, but I needed put it on hold. It ended up being two novels from two different perspectives. One of them is completely done and ready for submission. Unfortunately, because of the current political climate, my publisher does not want to publish it. The second novel, which will not be an issue, is close to being done and I will submit it in the near future.

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