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Whitewater Thriller Series

DEAD DRIFT and I AM THE RIVER are the first two books in my Whitewater Thriller Series, and I am working on the third book now.

These are photos of my setting and how I immerse myself into my story--and how my children happily come with me. 

I have researched my setting from land, river, dive bar, hotel, cabin, tent, and air. If they had passenger trains on the tracks, I would love to do that too! 

In the Wings

I am currently editing my next historical fiction novel, SILVER WINGS, which is the companion novel to WHEN SORROW TAKES WING. It is set in Southern California from 1926-1929. While researching, I learned all about the citrus industry and early aviation. I even learned how to fly a bit. I had the opportunity to fly in a stick and rudder plane as well as in an antique Ford Trimotor. 

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