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In the Wings

Kelly is currently editing her next historical fiction novel, SILVER WINGS, which is the companion novel to WHEN SORROW TAKES WING. It is set in Southern California from 1926 to 1929. While researching, she learned all about the citrus industry and early aviation. She even learned how to fly a bit and had the opportunity to fly in a stick and rudder plane as well as an antique Ford Trimotor. 

Whitewater Thriller Series

DEAD DRIFT and I AM THE RIVER are the first two books in Kelly's  Whitewater Thriller Series, and she is currently working on book three.

These are photos of her setting, how she immerses herself in her story, and how her children happily join her. 

She has researched her setting from land, river, dive bar, hotel, cabin, tent, and air. If they had passenger trains on the tracks, she would love to do that too! 

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