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Two teenage girls on the run with fake IDs and a beater car…what could go wrong?


Emmy has always been impulsive. She is no longer a minor and has aged out of foster care. When her best friend, Amber, is the target of a perverted uncle who lives in the basement of her group home, they plan her escape.


They head for Canada, where Amber will be safe and the foster care system can no longer control their lives. They come across a whitewater rafting brochure and decide to take a detour for one last adventure before leaving the country. They have no idea it will be a decision that will forever change their fates.


The rafting town is so far in the middle of nowhere that Emmy’s car radio catches nothing but static. They consider turning around until a truck pulls up, loaded with hot whitewater rafting guides and rubber rafts--just the fun they were looking for. Ignoring every instinct, they turn off the pavement and follow the truck down an isolated dirt road. They end up in Lodell, the town where a girl went missing the previous summer…and she will not be the last.


“Romo's gripping thriller features two teenage girls who flee an Oregon group home seeking a better life in Canada. However, they get sidetracked and wind up in a remote town by a wild river where local guides raft tourists through the whitewater. While the river provides many dangers, much worse, a wicked killer stalks the visiting women. Romo's chapters with the killer are the most sinister I've ever read. Will the girls survive? Will any of the young women manage to cheat death? The author keeps you riveted throughout.”

                                                                     --Craig Lesley, award-winning author of The Sky Fisherman