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When Sorrow Takes Wing
When Sorrow Takes Wing, Historical Fiction Novel by Kelly Romo

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A naïve young woman goes on an odyssey to find her father in the midst of a violent rebellion.

Mariana, a young girl full of dreams and aspirations, lives an idyllic life on a lush California citrus ranch. Her world is turned upside down when her brother is killed, and a powerful man orchestrates her family's deportation. Mariana's life transforms from the protected embrace of life on the ranch to the chaotic whirlwind of Tijuana in the 1920s. As Prohibition rages north of the border, Tijuana descends into debauchery, with saloons, casinos, and brothels--earning the moniker Satan's Playground.

Mariana's father must leave the family behind as he embarks on a journey to Guadalajara in search of work. When Mariana is sent to find her father amidst a growing rebellion, she must summon a strength she never knew she possessed.

WHEN SORROW TAKES WING is a poignant exploration of human resilience during a tumultuous period in Mexican history. It is grounded in the harsh realities of the Cristero War that claimed over 90,000 lives. Embedded within its pages is a faithful reflection of true events that capture the spirit of those who dared to resist oppression. As you traverse Mariana's perilous journey and watch her evolve, you're not merely stepping into a compelling story but a pivotal chapter of history that continues to echo in the heart of Mexico.

Editorial Reviews

"Kelly Romo’s When Sorrow Takes Wing takes the reader on a riveting journey through one woman’s experiences during the Cristero War in mid-1920s Mexico. Romo brings this tragic episode into sharp relief and gives us an unforgettable portrait of ordinary people struggling to survive, to practice their faith, to keep family at the center of their lives. The story is by turns tender, honest, shocking, and empowering, and the characters seem as vivid as if they were alive today. I can’t stop thinking about this book. I can’t recommend it enough."

---Mike Magnuson, author of THE RIGHT MAN FOR THE JOB

"Kelly Romo has crafted an excellent novel. The book chronicles a working-class family, the Castillos, who are deported on false charges. Back in Mexico, the federal government has closed the churches, and priests are shot or hanged. Mariana, the vivid heroine, joins other women aiding the revolutionaries at great peril. I marveled at the women's bold actions despite the dangers. These strong, brave women are unforgettable---as real as your fist. And this marvelous book is too. I'm recommending this splendid work to everyone I know."

--Craig Lesley, author of THE SKY FISHERMAN and BURNING FENCE

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