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I Am The River, book 2 in A Whitewater Thriller by Kelly Romo

Audio Sample

HE is the river. HE takes who he wants and releases who HE wants. 

Emmy Jenkins knows what it feels like to have a serial killer come after her. She escaped HIM twice. Emmy and Brian must start over in a new town, away from the tragic events and the killer’s family. Unfortunately, HE escapes custody. The authorities think the killer committed suicide by drowning himself in the river. They do not locate his body, but they do find a girl drowned in Elk Lake. Her death is ruled an accidental drowning, but Emmy knows HE is still alive. And HE is coming for her. 

To prove himself worthy of immortality, HE follows the river to its source in the Cascade Mountains, where HE will accept whatever the headwaters offer. Suddenly, his destiny is revealed when the perfect nymph with three little girls appears on the shore.

Editorial Reviews

"I Am the River is a profoundly terrifying novel, make no mistake, with an evil character at the heart of the story that you will never – NEVER – forget. But this is a remarkably hopeful novel, too. Kelly Romo does a pitch-perfect, astonishingly empathetic job of writing about real people struggling through life with barely enough money to get by but still, by sheer will and innate human decency, finding a way to live with dignity and to do the right thing when the time comes. Read this book. It will do so much more than keep you up at night." 

                                                                              –Mike Magnuson, author of Lummox


"In this compelling sequel to DEAD DRIFT, Kelly Romo proves she is the undisputed Queen of Whitewater Thrillers. Her feisty heroine, Emmy Jenkins, is as brave and clever as she is in DD.

The serial killer moves to Oregon's mystic mountains with evergreen forests and sparkling lakes to escape law enforcement. Soon after, a vacationing girl is found dead in Elk Lake. The police conclude the drowning is accidental, but Emmy is convinced the killer has only changed his workplace and fears for her life. Romo develops excellent female characters the reader will never forget. And the monster preys on all he can."

                                                                             --Craig Lesley, author of Winterkill

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