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I am the river Cover - 5.5x8.5-01.jpg

HE is the river. HE takes who HE wants and releases who HE wants 


Ashely Covington struggles to raise her three young daughters on what little life insurance is left from her husband’s death while fighting a woodland fire. Her family does not have the resources to help her, so they pressure her to move on to find a new husband and a father for her girls.

Emmy Jenkins knows what it feels like to have a serial killer come after her. She escaped HIM twice. Emmy and Brian must start over in a new town, away from the tragic events and the killer’s family. Unfortunately, HE escapes custody. The authorities think the killer committed suicide by drowning himself in the river. They do not locate his body, but they do find a girl drowned in Elk Lake. Her death is ruled an accidental drowning, but Emmy knows HE is still alive. And HE is coming for her. 

To prove himself worthy of immortality, HE follows the river to its headwaters in the Cascade Mountains, where HE will accept what the headwaters reveal to him. Suddenly, his destiny is revealed when the perfect nymph with three little girls appears on the shore.

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