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Behind I AM THE RIVER: The Editors Who Made My Book Shine

Nothing in life is done in isolation. Once I finish the first draft of my novels, I rely on my editors to help my work reach its full potential. From the initial developmental edit to content edits and the final copyedit, they are instrumental in helping me create a final book that is polished and ready for publication. I cannot thank them enough for all their hard work and expertise!

Mike Magnuson, author of LUMMOX
Mike Magnuson

Mike Magnuson

Mike was an invaluable asset in the successful completion of this novel. His keen eye for detail and thorough proofreading helped to ensure that the final product was polished and professional. He also provided insightful advice on how to improve its structure, particularly with regard to the ending. His expertise helped me to focus and write a satisfying conclusion for readers.

Mike Magnuson is the author of The Right Man for the Job, The Fire Gospels, Lummox, Heft on Wheels, and Bike Tribes. His short stories and personal essays have appeared in Salon, Esquire, Gentleman’s Quarterly, The Massachusetts Review, Men’s Health, Bicycling, Backpacker, Popular Mechanics, The Big Smoke, Best American Sports Writing, and many other publications. He lives in Menasha, Wisconsin, on the north shore of Lake Winnebago. Mike is currently working with composer Rick Krizman on a project called ACME Hotel, featuring Rick’s music wranglings and Mike’s spoken-word performances.

Lady holding a copy of WHEN SORROW TAKES WING
Diane Peters

Diane Peters

The creation of a novel is no easy task and often requires the help of another set of eyes. Enter the beta reader—an experienced individual who can provide invaluable feedback on a first draft that allows for revisions to be made before it's ready for publication. This was certainly true in my case when I wrote my thriller, I AM THE RIVER. Without the assistance of my beta reader Diane Peters, this book would not have become what it is today.

Reading has been Diane's passion since childhood. Her favorites were Nancy Drew, Five Little Peppers, and Louisa May Alcott's books. She currently reads women's fiction, science fiction, romance, mystery, and paranormal and urban fantasy. She taught reading for thirty-seven years, among other classes.

Diane loves introducing people and children to new authors. She discovers new authors and books through her twelve years of being in a book club. She even invited me to their meetings when they discussed my books, WHISTLING WOMEN and WHEN SORROW TAKES WING. Diane loves to pass on her passion for books. Now, she gets to find books for her grandkids, who love being read to.

Victim's Advocate
Julie Martinez

Julie Martinez

Julie was instrumental in helping me with my book, I AM THE RIVER. She has been actively involved in working to protect the rights of victims for many years and understands the complexities associated with this topic. Her insights were invaluable as I sought to create a narrative that accurately reflects the experiences of those affected by crime and violence. With her help, I was able to craft a story that resonates deeply with readers while also shedding light on important issues related to victims' rights.

Julie is married and a grandmother of twelve. She had lived in Central Oregon for forty-some years and has been a Prosecutor based advocate inside the criminal justice system for twenty years. She loves being an advocate and being able to help victims that may be at one of the worst times of their lives. She has been involved in the facilitation of victim rights for twenty years. Julie’s Victim Assistance Program's mission statement is: To assist victims of crime through their personal victimization with respect and dignity while providing timely and effective services in an effort to achieve justice and community safety. Julie likes providing victims with the assistance and services necessary to facilitate a safe, restorative healing process. She also has a love of reading and truly loves suspenseful books.

Firefighter holding a baby goat
Colton Donovan

Colton Donovan

I was fortunate to have Colton as one of my content editors. His expertise and meaningful insights as a first responder helped me bring those scenes to life and gave me the confidence to represent them in an accurate and realistic light.

Colton is a highly experienced first responder and paramedic with nine years of experience in various capacities. In addition to his work as a firefighter/paramedic, AIC Engineer, AIC Lieutenant, and member of Special Rescue Teams, he also enjoys leisure activities such as traveling the world and exploring the outdoors. When he's not working hard to save lives, Colton is often found camping, hiking, surfing, or snowboarding. He cherishes the time spent with family and friends, soaking up the sights and sounds of each unique adventure.

Image of a Sheriff vehicle

Retired Sheriff

I am grateful for the help of a retired Sheriff who provided a content edit with my law enforcement scenes. He has many years of experience in the field, and his insights helped me accurately portray the reality of law enforcement. His attention to detail was impressive as he edited my scenes with police procedures, tactics, and protocols. His knowledge made a huge difference in the quality and accuracy of my writing.

He wishes to remain anonymous, so I am not including his name or photo, but I could not give my thanks to my other editors without including him.

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