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Chills, Thrills & Creative Magic! I AM THE RIVER Cover Design

My daughter, Brittany, created an extraordinary cover for my newest thriller! It all started with her taking on the challenge of designing my cover for I AM THE RIVER. It was a daunting task that scared even me! But, as she did for my other two covers, she rose to the occasion and used her “creative magic” to design a cover so eye-catching and epic, it gave me chills...literally.

Introducing My Daughter / My Cover Designer

Brittany Romo is a graphic designer with an eye for creating stunning visuals. Brittany's portfolio at BRITTANY ROMO DESIGN showcases her ability to capture the essence of any project and bring it to life in a captivating way. From logos and branding to book covers and illustrations, she has created designs that are both visually appealing and emotionally resonant. Brittany always takes the time to understand her client's vision before diving into the design process, ensuring that each piece she creates reflects their unique style and aesthetic. Her commitment to quality work makes her an invaluable asset for anyone looking for creative design solutions.

Brittany has taken her passion for design to a whole new level and has become a novel cover designer extraordinaire. Her unique approach to blending typography and graphics together create a visual masterpiece that captures the essence of a book. Not only are her designs top-notch, but her witty personality and eye for detail make her the perfect collaborator for any author.

Researching Thriller Covers

Have you ever wondered what makes a thriller book cover so captivating? The cover is the first thing that catches a reader’s attention and can make or break the decision to pick up the book. But have you ever thought about the research that goes into creating a thriller cover? From the typography to the colors and images, every detail is carefully thought out to evoke a sense of mystery and intrigue. As a designer, researching thriller covers can be both challenging and exciting. The challenge lies in creating a cover that stands out among the sea of other thriller books while also accurately portraying the tone and genre of the story.

Sharing the Final Product with the World!

There's nothing quite like the feeling of sharing your hard work with the world. After all, art—whether it is my story or her design—is meant to be shared, and it is extra rewarding that we work together to combine our talents.

In the end, having Brittany design my novel cover was a thrilling and inspiring activity. It allowed us to bond over the creative process and share our finished product with joy. The final result is a beautiful book cover that perfectly captures the essence of my novel.

My daughter's talents as a cover designer are certainly something to be proud of! She also designed my covers for DEAD DRIFT and WHEN SORROW TAKES WING. I look forward to seeing what cover design she comes up with for my next book.

Brittany Romo Design

If you're in need of a stunning cover that makes your book stand out on the shelf, there's no need to look any further; contact Brittany at

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