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Introducing Talon David and Ryan Haugen, the narrators who brought I AM THE RIVER to life.

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Banner for I AM THE RIVER Audiobook with Talon David and Ryan Haugen

Audiobooks have become increasingly popular, and with good reason. They allow you to dive into a great story or topic without having to sit down and read. Audiobooks are perfect for commuting, working, or just relaxing. However, finding a good narrator can be challenging. That's why I'm excited to introduce you to Talon David and Ryan Haugen, the narrators for DEAD DRIFT as well as my newest book, I AM THE RIVER. They both brought their unique talents to the project, creating an unforgettable audio experience.

I AM THE RIVER (Available now on

Talon David and Ryan Haugen are an incredible duo and the perfect narrators for my latest audiobook, I AM THE RIVER. Their unique and dynamic vocal styles bring a depth of emotion and character to my book. If you are a fan of audiobooks, I highly recommend you check out I AM THE RIVER and experience the exceptional work of these talented narrators.


Talon David is an actress and recording artist based in Nashville. Talon's charismatic, intellectual, and articulate voice was perfect for I AM THE RIVER, which is a thrilling story full of twists and turns. Talon's home recording studio is top-notch, allowing her to produce and record for voice-over projects, specializing in audiobook narration. When you listen to I AM THE RIVER, you'll hear the passion and dedication Talon brought to the project.

She's also a talented musician, and her pop-structured music incorporates jazz chords and rock rhythms. Talon's goal for her music is to tell stories that uplift listeners by acknowledging the reality that life is tough, incredibly painful, and worth singing about. To learn more about her music, check out her WEBSITE.


Ryan Haugen is a warm narrator with a dynamic vocal range. He's been featured in AudioFile's Best Audiobooks of 2022 and has narrated over 70 titles on Audible. Ryan is a Graphic Audio producer of best-selling audio dramas. Ryan has also done voice work for video games and ESL training programs for kids in South America. Ryan's childhood passion for animation, cinema, and video games informs his voice-over approach, making him perfect for I AM THE RIVER, which is a thrilling psychological thriller with a dark and ominous male character. Ryan is always searching for new projects to hone his craft and looks forward to hearing from authors and rights holders who wish to collaborate with him. Check out his WEBSITE.

I AM THE RIVER, A Whitewater Thriller


Here is the prologue and first chapter so you can hear how their unique and dynamic vocal styles bring a depth of emotion to the characters in my book. If you are interested in purchasing the audiobook, it is available at AUDIBLE or these other RETAILERS.


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