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Behind DEAD DRIFT: My Audiobook is Now Available! Let Me Introduce the Narrators.

Meet the amazing and talented Talon David and Ryan Hougen who narrated my thriller, DEAD DRIFT.

I had over 80 auditions for the audiobook of DEAD DRIFT. I used ACX and was immediately impressed with the level of talent. At first, I was thinking of having a single female narrator read the entire book, but the female voices just did not sound right for my serial killer...and the men reading "At least I'm not pregnant," was not the angle I was going for.

Two narrators stood out above all the rest. Talon had the youthful voice I needed for my 18-year-old main character, Emmy...and she has an expressive reading style and flow that pulls you right into the story. When I was editing the final version, I had to keep remembering that I was supposed to be editing it.

For the serial killer chapters, I needed a powerful younger male voice, and Ryan nailed it! His chapters will absolutely give you the chills.

These two were highly professional and brought my story to life. I am beyond thrilled. I hope you will check it out on


Growing up, I loved reading aloud--it became a game with myself to see how long I could go without making any mistakes. I used to read books to my sister while Mom was driving us around, and she would laugh and laugh at all the different voices I did. I absolutely loved bringing the story alive for her. It wasn't too long after that I realized professionals made a living reading books aloud, and I realized getting into the VoiceOver world would be a childhood dream come true. Since then, I've spent some time in the professional theatre world, doing local shows around Nashville, while studying popular music performance at Belmont University. This array of experiences has given a lyrical quality to my narrating voice and a particular courage in trying out new character voices. My aim is to entertain and I would feel so, so blessed to be a part of your book's journey!


Plot Twist by Bethany Turner

Woman in Shadow by Carrie Stuart Parks

The Harlequin & the Drangue by Liane Zane

Kimber (The Elyrian Chronicles) by LK Hingey

The Vow that Twisted Fate by Katherine D. Graham

Christian Marriage Devotional for Couples by Teri Reeves

Girl One: Murder (Maya Gray Mystery Series) by Molly Black

Roar Like a Lion by Levi Lusko and Tami Fortner

Game Over by Mina Skye

Little 15 by LD Wosar

Aurelias Diaries (#1-4) by Benjamin Thurber

Check out Talon's website.


Ryan Haugen is a narrator and voice-over artist from Iowa. He can be heard in everything from audiobooks, audio dramas, video games, e-Learning, YouTube videos, Graphic Audio productions, and more. His youthful, warm, and dynamic approach to narration has helped him to specialize in the Young Adult and Science Fiction genres in particular.

Producer of more than 60 audiobooks on Audible, Ryan is also the narrator of 2020’s Indies Today Book of the Year, “One Hit Away: A Memoir of Recovery”, written by Jordan Barnes.

He is a frequent collaborator with Audivita, Silverton Audio, and The Talking Book.

Engaged, passionate, and dedicated to consuming media as much as he is producing it, Ryan utilizes his lifelong passion for animation, cinema, and video games to inform his voice-over approach.

Ryan can be found on Twitter @rhnarrates or He is always hunting for new projects to hone his craft and looks forward to hearing from authors and rights holders who wish to collaborate with him."


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