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Behind DEAD DRIFT: Taking the Rapids in a Life Jacket

My fictional town, Lodell, is loosely based on the town of Maupin, Oregon.

While writing DEAD DRIFT, my kids and I stayed in one of the historic railroad cabins at Oasis Cabin Resort and we rafted with High Desert River Outfitters.

Brennan reluctantly agreed to come. He thought rafting would be nothing more than a boring float down the river. Little did he know, it was one big party with water gun fights, class III and IV rapids, and a fun night out at a bar...with his mother. Lol! We went to The Rainbow Tavern and I ended up basing the bar in my book, Buckskin Mary's, on it.

We had a great time on the river blasting people with water, 'riding the bull' on the front of the raft, and stopping for a barbecue lunch. Unfortunately, Brittany rode one of the rapids in her life jacket. I also ended up in the water, taking one for my writing. What better way to learn?

If you've never been whitewater rafting, I highly recommend it!

Ryan with his paddle in the air as we enter Oak Springs Rapid.

Our raft "taco-ing" and folding us into the center.

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Kelly Romo

Welcome to my blog. I am an author, educator, outdoorswoman, and mom. I wrote two historical fiction novels and an upcoming thriller.  

My finished novels are just the cherry on top of a whole heap of. . .well, that depends on the day.

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